Let’s do a quick unboxing – PSP Puella Magi Madoka Magica Portable

Today we’ll take a look at this nice bundle.

This is the Puella Magi Madoka Magica Portable special edition bundle which includes a variety of items along with the game.

When I first received this bundle I was surprised with how big the box was. Here next to HomuHomu you can appreciate how big it is. I suppose to carry all the nice goodies it couldn’t be that small to begin with.

Apparently the box illustration was made specially for this bundle. I find it a nice illustration showcasing one of my biggest unfulfilled wishes from the actual show, seeing the five girls together. If you are a Kyouko fan it also gives you an opportunity to see her in a school uniform.

Compared to previous figma and PSP game bundles it is a meatier release with more things included. Previous releases I gotten as a figma + game where essentially the PSP game and the bonus figma included in a wider figma box, at the very least that was the case for the Index and Railgun games. Other games such as the Nanoha PSP games have also gotten nice big boxes like this.

The back of the box shows you information typically found on the back cover for game releases as well as the contents of the box. Most importantly for me, it shows the included school uniform version Madoka, the primary reason I bought this bundle in the first place.

Here you can see all the contents of the box. The PSP game, a blu ray disc with bonus material, a handkerchief, a pouch, and a special clear card.

Let’s take a closer look at the contents.

Here are the game and the blu ray disc, both share the same cover illustration featuring all five girls.

The blu ray disc includes bonus content such as voice actress interviews, promotional videos, illustrations, the game soundtrack and wallpapers for the PS3 and PC.

The game, is what I find very interesting. It is a collaboration by Bandai Namco, Nitro+ and Shaft. You get the producers who were responsible for games such as God Eater on the Bamco side and Steins;Gate on the Nitro+ side with collaboration with Gen Urobochi for the scenario and Shaft providing the illustrations.

The game is a combination of a visual novel with fully voiced dialogue and branching path with a variety of routes and endings for the girls, one route for each of the five girls plus a final bonus route. The other part is a Roguelike RPG played in a first person view with dungeon crawling, battles and boss battles. Not only do the choices you make throughout the visual novel affect the routes and endings you get but also your actions in the battles as well.

The game contains a lot of interesting fan service and I mean in the form of providing interesting material for fans to experience rather than the erotic kind. You get to experience a lot of “what if” scenarios, for example what if Sayaka was saved from her fate as a witch or Mami survived her encounter with Charlotte.

I think this game is way more fulfilling than just a straight up visual novel as anime adaptions tend to get. Here you can watch a trailer for the game.

In case you were wondering what that Kyubey face was it’s a nice pouch. The pouch is made from a furry material on the outside, a way to emulate Kyubey’s fur? Although because of the color and the material I suspect it would get dirty and stained quite easily.

As you can see the pouch is a fair size, enough to carry a PSP to play the game with as well as few other things such a figma for example.

The handkerchief included is adorned with an image of a cat and pink in color. It is also listed as Homura’s handkerchief, I don’t particularly remember but did she use one like this in the show?

Oddly enough the clear card includes only half of the illustration, as you can tell by Homura’s hair it has been cut off. Weirdly enough I seen photos of a clear card including the whole illustration, I don’t have any idea why I only got half of it.

The figma is of course the main focus for me as my enjoyment of the game is hampered by lack of Japanese proficiency.

As you can see this figma is pretty skimpy in terms of accessories, only two alternate expressions for Madoka, the school bag and an attachable Kyubey to go on the shoulder. Although I see it more as an extension of the Puella Magi version more than anything else.

When you remove the figma from the box you get a nice surprise with the background illustration! I didn’t take pictures of it but Kyubey’s face also adorns the UMD for the game.

Over all I’m quite pleased with this special edition of the game Puella Magi Madoka Magica Portable, a nice collector item for fans with quite a bit of content.

I actually had no intention of buying this at all. That changed though, when Max Factory announced they were doing school uniform versions for Mami and Sayaka, and I suspect a casual clothes version for Kyouko as well. I already owned Homura’s school uniform version after I bought her from the GSC web shop. I started to look into buying Madoka as soon as possible before the others released and she came to be in bigger demand.  As I was looking for a good deal I came to notice the game bundle with Madoka was still in stock in AmiAmi at a discounted price, essentially half off around 5000 yen. A price that was very close to what the figma was going for alone at Mandrake at the time. I figured, if I’m paying the same price might as well get all the other goodies as well.

With that I now own the two exclusive releases, Mami and Sayaka school versions are regular releases, so is Madokami and probably Kyouko as well. I own the five Puella Magi versions already giving me the chance to collect the whole set of Madoka figmas in a nice and easy manner with nice retail prices.

Alright folks, I’ll catch you later!


  1. Looks like you’re able to complete the high-school version of the girls.

    Wow, the pouch AND the inside of the box is Kyubey’ize.

    • Yup, makes me happy, unlike other sets which took me years to complete or never did because of exclusives this time I’m golden.

    • It is pretty nice, but nope, doesn’t have any straps or anything to attach any. At least none that I saw.

  2. This looks like a really nice box set! I have school uniform homura as well, so maybe I’ll look into getting madoka to go with her.

    That kyubey pouch is too funny ^^.

    • Yup it is! Go, go, go Mandrake time! I saw Madoka there even cheaper than when I bought this set and with the latest high in the USD/Yen conversion no better time than any other.

      It saddens me because of the material and color as much as I would like to use I wont if I want to keep it in a nice mint condition.

  3. DAMN, just HOT DAMN you got ’em all.

    The box is big, and got cool items along with the game. Homu-homu’s dwarfed, I see.

    But heck, I’ll be looking awkward if I use that Kyubey pouch. *laughs*

    • Hell yeah!

      That Kyubey pouch is great, I would so totally used it if I had any need for it or didn’t get dirty easily.

  4. I’ve bought a game because of a figure too, it was a DS game called Nanatsuiro Drops for a nendoroid. As for as I know, it’s the only nendoroid to come with a pillow. Personally, I think it’s kind of a waste if you’re not interested in the game or can’t read Japanese, but at least you get the figure. It’s nice to see that this Madoka game came with a bunch of other stuff too.

    • It depends on the game for me and how the price for the figure will be in the after market. For example Nero Saber figma would have been way cheaper if I bought the game bundle than buying now at Mandrake or so.

      At least for this set I do want to play the game which is feasible enough if I find a translation guide. The extras such as the blu ray disc and Kyubey pouch are nice too.

  5. Such big bundle box items seem to be nice, especially if there is a bumber of pretty extras. That sounds like a cool game, good to hear that it is fully voiced.

    I love clear cards/folders, there is a number of Sonico clear folders, but always expensive and hard to find. This one woith Madoka is so cute in this illustration ^_^

    The casual clothes school uniform also have their certain appeal.

    Is the full season on the blu ray disc?

    • It does, since it is fully voiced I should be able to make my way through the VN part at least although that still leaves the problem I always have, I can’t read the choices I get.

      This one is pretty neat, I do wish I had gotten the whole illustration rather than just Madoka.

      Yes it is out on blu ray, but thanks to Aniplex silly pricing scheme for their overseas releases I have yet to buy them.

  6. Dem you’re really gonna collect all em school uniform versions eh? I stopped myself clicking those pre-order buttons whenever a new girl is announced and now I will live vicariously through your pictures..=3

    And that’s a whole lot of goodies packed inside! Great deal off Ami Ami too XD

    • Hell yes I am! It’s more like, I got most of them, if plausible might as well get the complete set. Also I like the idea of an increase range of expression and accessories.

      Sure is, super surprised too it was still available after so long. If only the Fate/Extra bundle shared that… oh well.

  7. Wow, that box came with a lot and for such a nice price! It’s too bad they skimped out on the accessories but at least another Kyubey was included, can’t have too many of those!

    • It’s pretty cool, makes me wanna camp out for other deals with bundles like this. I bet though, the one I have mind will sell out, being Fate/Extra CCC and all.

      More Kyubey for more options is nice, now I have a Kyubey for every situation. A shame Homura didn’t come with a bullet hole Kyubey.

  8. ^ lololol at all the comments. Damn, I don’t even I a single Madoka figure lol. The game must be godly, since after all this time, Grief Syndrome was all I’ve had (or seen)

    Dat red psp looks cool (I have a white one) lololol

    • Wha?! But Madoka is like the greatest anime of all time! XP

      From what I played the game seemed cool, much more interesting than the easy and quick visual novels most anime gets.

      I like red PSP so cool, too bad it has move on to greener pastures. Someday I would like to fix it.

  9. Great loot!
    Looked massive so wondering what goodies was inside and oh boy that Kyuubey pouch is a must.. I dont know where ill find it separately maybe yahoo auction but will try my luck.

    Anyway nice collection! I wonder if they will continue the release of the school uniform figma

    • Indeed, I bought it mostly for the figma but the other goodies are pretty cool.

      At least Mami and Sayaka will have one and I’m hoping during Wonfes we at least see Kyouko being announced if not the figma itself.