Stalking is a crime so you shouldn’t do it!

You shouldn’t stalk and secretly take pictures of cute little girls, just sayin’.

How did that saying go? “Today’s enemies are tomorrow’s friends.” Or was that the other way around, I’m not really sure actually.

One of the cool things about having a lot of figmas is that I can do nice stupid crossovers like this, I love it.

Laters peeps!


  1. Ah nice, there were several things I liked here.
    The scene shift was very cool, a little like in pulp fiction. Or how they have blown up your setting :D

    Really cute how Homura drools over har taken picture.
    “Thats exactly what a Stalker does” Haha indeed it is.

    • Cool, I like it when people like my stuff more of they like several things it. Makes all the trouble of making stuff like this worth it.

      Hey, it’s all in the eyes of the beholder to some it is stalking to another is watching over the person.

  2. Wait wait, is teleportation and time stoppage a recipe for some sort of lesbian alchemy? Because I did not know about this!

    I like how in anime, being very good friends with another person of the gender automatically equates to rampant homosexuality in fan works. But in Kuroko’s case, there’s no real other way about it.

    • Have you not seen all the nice practical applications of these two abilities in the many doujinshis documenting it? If I were Madoka and Biri Biri I would run for the hills before their chastity was stolen.

      Funnily enough the Railgun tankabon comes with excerpts of Kuroko’s diary from before she met Biri Biri and she was a perfectly normal and respectable girl. Meeting Biri Biri turned on the the gay full on for her, I suppose it was one of those as long as it is the right person kind of deal.

  3. Awww~ New friendship ability acquired.
    Homura level up by 2.

    Wait… if that WAS the aftermath of their battle… uhh… wonder what had happened to the OTHER surroundings… O_O

    • Seeing as how Homura likes to make things go boom and Kuroko’s teleportation makes it easy for her to throw objects about… not good I suppose for the surrounding area?

    • The scary part is that thanks to their unique skills their “prey” probably wont even notice at all!

  4. Oh how I missed your short stories!

    Homura and Kuroko do seem to be meant for each other!
    They can share stalking tips and such which I feel for madoka and biribiri.

    I like it how you added realism of both stories into one which does fit!

    btw whos better, Homura or Kuroko (interesting battle!)

    • Yes, so very much yes! They will now be an invincible stalking pair!

      I wanna say Homura because time stopping is very overpowering but I suppose fast enough reflexes could counter that with teleportation.

  5. Wait, Kuroko’s stopping Homura from stalking Madoka even though she was stalking Misaki?

    I guess those two really are suited for each other.

  6. Holy sheet of paper! Back to these hilarious stories!

    Homu Homu and Kuroko forms a nightmare-ish dream team for stalking. It looks like I must hide my waifu and lolis… ASAP.

    We’re in for some carnage right here.

  7. Ahaha I see how all the extra weapons came in use here for Homu homu. And it would be a spectacular fight no you still have your room intact..? =3

    • Of course! If it’s Homura she has to put all that firepower to use. I bet it was but I will just leave that to your imagination.