Asuka Langley Prize Figure – Crane Games Will Suck Your Blood

Hey Everyone today I bring you a figure that I have unexpectedly come into owning: Asuka Langley, and since I assume she is from the new movies she would be Asuka Shikinami Langely. She actually holds a bit of sentimental value because…

I actually won her myself in a crane game! Ok the term “won” is making me a bit guilty here. I did indeed play a crane game till I got her. However the attendant helped me a bit after he saw me struggling with to get her.

Crane games however are way more rigged than they appear. They tantalize you with boxes seemingly half in the air and colorful bars adorning the case. You are sucked in and play it the game like an idiot and before long you realize it’s tricks.

The boxes are carefully position so that they get stuck at the slightest touch, the seemingly shortest path to make the figure fall is actually the worst possible way to get it. The innocuous bars that adorn the case are covered in rubber, and any attempt to slide the figure off will prove futile.

However you are already too deep in, the game has suckered you out of few thousand yen, might as well blow another thousand and get the damn figure a millimeter away from falling. Thankfully though, I think the staff is trained to help you if they see you struggling with a figure for too long. Both me and a friend who also played a crane game for a figure were helped by kind attendants to finish getting the figures. Maybe we just got kind attendants, who knows.

Crane laments aside. Asuka is not a bad looking figure. She has the usual roughness of a prize figure and in truth I’ve seen better Asuka figures out there but she’ s a keeper.

I’ve always wanted an Asuka figure however I never really found any that really satisfy me. I’m very critical of the things I’m fond of, and the things I don’t like as much I don’t really want to get. On the good side this attitude is good for my wallet.

An interesting thing that was pointed out to me is that’s she is wearing her school uniform and not her plug suit. Guess its hard to compete with a vacuum packed leave-nothing-to-the-imagination suit but fully clothed girls have their charms too!

She still has a couple nice details for a prize figure. I especially like her hair ornament brain wave thingers. The have that plug suit shine and are pretty well accentuated.

I didn’t like her face at first, specifically the mouth seemed a little too roughly made. Looking at these pictures I might have to change my opinion. Her blue eyes are a striking contrast to her signature red hair. I’m even starting to like the mouth a bit.

There is one weird thing about her sculpt though. Her feet have this concave form to them, it almost feels as if they were deformed or if she’s wearing clown shoes. I tell myself that that’s just because she’s made from old style designs to make myself feel better.

Well I just had to take one of these didn’t I? It’s actually quite impossible to take a panty shot from the front, the base gets in the way before you can see anything. Maybe if you had a smaller camera to snake your way between the base.

When I won her they have me this bag with this really neat illustration of all 3 Eva pilot girls, I might have wanted the bag more than the figure hah. Unfortunately in my eagerness after winning I forced it in too roughly and ended up tearing up right through Mari’s face and her glasses, the box I mean.

‘Till next time~

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  1. Wait, where you in Japan recently?

    Crane Games are from the devil, but good that you could snap her from the evil machine. While being a prize figure she seems to be very nice, she looks rather clean. From the back in her typical “Asuka is boss” pose she also makes a good impression.

    The bag is indeed nice, makes me want to get a poster or wallscroll with Mari, Rei and Asuka together.

    • At the time of writing this I’m still in Japan and will be here for a bit longer. Crane games ARE the devil lol. Even more so since today I played even more!

      She’s not bad but I still want a really nice Asuka figure and I can’t seem to find one I like.

      • cool, you have my jealousy :p

        Finding my Asuka also took quite long time, even though a lot have been made. I actually want a nice Rei, but that isn’t any less difficult.

  2. This is a pretty neat post! Focusing on the story behind a figure rather than how perfect/imperfect it is a nice change of pace, I think.

    Although, I think the only interesting figure story I have is the vinyl I have of the main character (I think) from Scrapped Princess, which I got randomly and without any explanation. So even though I’ve never seen the series and know nothing about the character, I keep it around, anyways.

    • Gosh when you put it that way you almost make it seem like it was intentional. The way I see it is that any story will do as long as it’s remotely figure or game related so it fits this blog.

      How do you acquire something randomly? Did you find it on the floor? I guess it could also be an impulse buy.

      • What happened was that in 2007 or so, I ordered some Galaxy Angel DVD’s from Bandai Entertainment’s webstore, and when the box arrived, the figure was in there with the DVD’s. There was no explanation of why anywhere to be found, not on the packing slip or anywhere on the website. Even weirder, the figure didn’t come in its box, it was just in the plastic shell wrapped in a polybag, which is probably why I never remember her name, since all of the identification had been removed.

        Hopefully it won’t turn out to be the key to saving the universe or something like that.

  3. >Grabbing Asuka
    >Not grabing the JoJos
    What are you, some sort of homosexual?

    Jokes aside, great post! Now I know better than be believe in the tantalizing lies of UFO catchers. Now that I have those here in Canada…enjoy Japan you lucky bastard!

    • Lol, I had a feeling that you’d make a comment about that. Jojo’s actually huge right now here. Probably because of the anime. They even have these super tight underwear plastered with JoJo on display.

      Sad part is that I’ve played them so much now that I’m actually getting competent at them. At least now it won’t take as much money.

  4. It sounds like you’e having an awesome time there! I’ve always been afraid of crane games because I KNOW they’re rigged for newbs like me, even the ones to get candy. It’s cool the shop assistant was so nice though. And you got UCC coffee, I’ve always wanted to try one of those! Was it tasty?

    • It gets much easier when you know how you’re supposed to approach them. And there’s a lot of different kinds. My favorite so far is one where the figure is hanging from a piece of paper and you poke holes in it to make the figure fall.

      Yeah it was one of the better ones. I could make a whole other blog discussing the nuisances of Japanese canned coffee. I usually don’t drink much but the times I’ve been here I have all sorts of coffee. My favorite so far has been the BOSS

  5. I know exactly how frustrating those crane games can be. The attendants will actually “give” you the prize once you’ve put in enough money by moving the prizes, so it’s not that you got kind attendants, that’s just what they do. I remember figuring out how to always win at one crane machine and my friends and I cleaned it out. Afterwards, the attendants were checking it out to see if there were any bugs.

    Asuka does look like a sweet figure for a crane machine prize though. I guess I’m just used to crane machines in north america that don’t really have anything worth winning.

    • Recently it happened that I was trying one for a while and there was no attendant in sight so I was out of luck for that one. But yeah I get what you mean, there’s pretty much always someone there to ensure you “win”.

      The huge difference is that you actually want the prizes in Japan so you end up playing seriously. It makes the game way more fun when you almost got a character you want as opposed to some cheap trinket.

  6. Indeed, despite the obvious difference of quality between Sega and the other figure-dedicated companies, Sega is doing quite well. Good to know a fellow blogger is in Japan. Where are/were you? And damn, why didn’t I try them crane games while I was there.

    • I actually got one figure that is so good it rivals a regular release, really like it.

      I’m still in Tokyo till the 31st, I’m a bit west from Shinjuku station.

      Don’t worry, they have crane games pretty much in every arcade here so you can try them in your next destination.

  7. Probably ended up spending more than her actually value lol but ye thats the trick these crane do, My trick when i was in Japan, was to simply spy at the others and record what they did. When It came to my turn It only took me max 3 rounds to get the goodies…what a rebel lol

    Asuka looks nice, especially for a crane game figure, I like her pose faithful to the anime which he did indeed do that a lot!