Otagamers #1 – I made a 4koma too!

So, I made a 4koma.

I had thought about the idea of making them for some time but never really got around to it. I have some ideas that are short and sweet like this, things that I felt were a little too short for a proper post. This past friday, I ended using this idea instead for one of the lovely figure friday challenges over at the nice figure collecting community on Google+, I figured, might as well post it here too. Maybe I will do more of them, I wonder if I will reach three digit comic numbers like HamsterCorp has with his Polymer Chaos stuff.


  1. I sensed a “just as planned” moment there. =D

    Wanted to make 4komas, but I ended up in exceeding my “production” budget. Mostly.

    • I suppose you could look at it that way considering the participants.

      I totally get what you mean, I tend to do longer more elaborate stories that end being way more than four pictures. I did always wanted to do one someday, so I guess I accomplished that.

    • Yup, no idea how often I will do them though.

      That’s the best kind of bed, for those us that have those tastes anyways.