Let’s play a dating sim with Kirino!

Did you guys know that Legion from the Mass Effect franchise is actually a gamer? Probably not since not only did you have to play a good chunk of Mass Effect 2, buy the Shadow Broker DLC, finished said DLC but also read the somewhat missable character dossiers at the end.

Among the games that he has played was surprisingly enough a dating sim and he totally failed at it. I suppose being a synthetic lifeform and part of a hive mind collective does not work out for the nuances playing a dating sim and trying to court girls.


  1. Haha how cruel.
    “You will get fat” is obviously the wrong answer in such games!
    it’s a funny idea again.

    nice monster, btw. Sorry Im such a lame game that I don’t know it.

    • Aw man, now I feel bad I got you to end up cleaning your wall.

      Actually I just find it kinda amusing.

    • Lol, you don’t say.

      Yes, I didn’t think much of Ayase before but now I’m so happy I bought the figma and it was all thanks to that Yandere expression.

  2. Oh my… haha! What was quite the game for legion XD I have the sudden nostalgia for Mass Effect games! Man they’re one of the best games.. Well, most of time we should not treat girls logically as what Legion did.. we know what happens when we do that! :)

    • Aha, someone actually recognizes Legion! Nice games, it was a nice trip through all three.

      Love is not about logic, I guess Legion did not know that.