Sakuya plays Double Dealing Character

So, Double Dealing Character was released this past Comiket! Yay!

In order to celebrate not only that but Sakuya’s glorious return as a playable character I made this short post. Also gave me an excuse to make use of this Neca figure I bought from the film Aliens. I question why non Japanese toy connoisseurs like Neca figures so much. They are ok I guess but boy is their sculpture accuracy kinda questionable. Still like it well enough though, just kinda ugly.

Anyways, fun times with my toys.


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  1. I have to remember to get around to downloading DDC. I actually managed to eventually beat the demo on Normal before losing all of my continues once!

    At least that NECA guy has some comedic use, saw a handful of pictures of him before in various situations that make the face quite effective. But I think otherwise a lot of people like/don’t mind NECA stuff because it’s all they’re going to get for a lot of the characters NECA does.

    • Me too, I played the demo once but an unfortunate timing with a chat window taking focus away from the game let to my death and me rage quitting.

      He sure does, he gave me a good laugh when I saw the picture before making the post.

      I find it to be like there is an untapped market, I bet western fanboys would go for stuff like revoltechs or what not of contemporary characters like the Dragonborn or something. Until that day though, Neca Gordon Freeman and Chell it is for me.

  2. Got the Touhou 14 Kishinjou: DDC OSTs in my channel, miette-chan. Just click my name to see it in my channel. ( o_o)7

    Anyways, axquired DDC and finished all of it. I’ve enjoyed DDC’s new system. It makes it easy to gather health and bombs to fight against the loli (kobito, that’s why) Stage 6 boss Shinmyoumaru Sukuna. Albeit this same system makes the whole of TH14, including EX Stage, quite underwhelming.

    Also check out Raiko’s theme. Hers is quite the drum-themed theme. Yep, pardon the “themed theme” part. :D

    • I need to get a hold of the soundtrack, I liked it quite a bit. Still need to sit down and have a good listen though.

      I liked the new systems, or lack of them I suppose, things like UFOs or the Spirits from the last two while cool would really add some more stress than is really necessary.

  3. This game looks ultra difficult, I imagine my fist hitting the screen in frustration. Hmm, seeing these cute lady’s in comparison with the front pig figure is scary XD

    You should put him on a Sylvester rocket… and ignition!
    I did this once with a action figure, it flew faaar away.

    • Nah, it’s not so bad, on the grand scheme of things this is one of the more straight forward Touhous.

      A pig? So mean! I spent good money on it, which I regret a bit, so I would rather keep it unharmed.

  4. Ahahaha I can’t even pass it on easy, I’m so bad at danmakus..Well I like to see pros playing it well enough though..and just enjoy the music =3

    • I only ever finished IN on easy… and got the Okuu in SA and that’s it…

      I do still enjoy playing them but to be honest I get way more enjoyment of watching “pros” clearing the games and doing things like no bomb challenges and so forth.

    • Hmm… don’t think I follow that user, will take a look, can’t never have enough Touhou on my Youtube!

  5. I admit I’m bad an danmaku games but I do like the music.

    Well, Hudson, I hope you have your last will and testament filled out…

    • Me too, I still play them from time to time but clearing them? Yeah, not very good at that…

      Well, his fate has changed little when compared to the movie… four more weeks and he was out, not anymore…

    • He sure does, I think Neca sometimes does the least amount of effort, some of their stuff looks great then you get things like poor Hudson here. At the very least I give them props for choosing the perfect expression.