Otagamers is open for business again!

Reimu sweeping up!

Oh no, I haven’t blogged in nearly six months, I hope I still have readers!

Regardless Otagamers is back, now with 100% more orange and few improvements here and there.

I think I will just start with the most obvious change, new theme yay! I originally planned to have this new theme all set up by the time the blog anniversary would roll around in September. That obviously didn’t plan out that way in the end.

Mobile Theme

This new theme adds a lot of nice improvements such as a nice responsive design for varying display resolutions which includes mobiles devices. One area that was a problem before as the previous theme just didn’t have a mobile option. Reading the blog on devices with smaller screens such as my old iPhone 4 was not what I would call comfortable.

Contact Form

A brand new addition is a dedicated contact form, which can be accessed from both the header and the footer menus. Before I had  a small icon in the footer section which you can still see above for an email link. I think the new addition of this menu item will make it more visible and easier to contact me.

Contact for what you might think? Things like link exchanges, any questions about anything about the content of this blog whether the figures themselves, props or the actual photography for example. Whatever you can think of that you might want to hear back from me.


Speaking of link exchanges, I finally went and replaced my apparently not well liked blogroll menu with an actual blogroll page. Right now I just copied the more or less active members of my old list into a wall of links. I do plan to make it a more visual affair in the near future as well as actively search and add some of the new blogs that I been following lately.

If you are reading this and have a figure or anime blog I would be more than happy to add you.


I added a new sitemap page in order to make finding content a bit more easier and as alternative to just using the search bar on the header menu.


This page can be accessed from the footer menu.

Reimu sweeping again!

Now that the new stuff is out of the way.

Why the long gap of inactivity? One reason was that I wanted to time this 201st post with my anniversary. As well as setting up this theme as a way to celebrate and start on my 5th year of blogging.

Another reason is that I actually became dissatisfied with my current camera so I wasn’t really in the mood for photography.

I also ended up interviewing, accepting and moving to a new city for a new job during the later months of last year.

Now that I am settled in, I can start unpacking my figures, and since I have a new job I’m considering buying a new camera. I have been eying the new Sony a7 and a7r, those are some really nice cameras that do a lot of things I want but they are very, very pricy and their first party lens selection is a bit sparse right now. Do you guys have any suggestions for a nice small or mid sized camera with interchangeable lenses? Perhaps something a bit more affordable?

Also, Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn happened. Yeah… it was mostly FF14… By the way, I am Miette Patiss on Ultros if anyone plays FF14.

That’s all for now, I shall leave you guys until next time where I will do a photo shoot for an appropriately orange themed figure.

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  1. Hey a miraculous return! hopefully I’m not as alone as before ^^

    A nice clean design I think, it looks quite cozy and has orange accents, hell you even has a character logo.

    Get a Canon EOS 700D or something of this league, better use saved money for (a) great lens(es)

    Happy Birthday

    • Lol, miraculous? If anything you were the one person who knew my intentions to return.

      I like the orange accents, I always wanted to have an orange theme since it is my favorite color. Sigh, what to get, what to get. I should just buy something, I bet you among others are tired of me going on and on about it by now.

    • Yes! So glad to be back, as soon as buy some materials I am back to picture taking.

      Hey, Reimu has to do something while she waits for those donations that will never come.

  2. I have this itch to make my CSS centered (among other things), but life and work are getting in the way. What I’m doing right now is to get the stream of content running, but that too is hard XD

    Mirrorless interchangeable lenses are all the rage now when it comes to guys who are on the go but want to have a smaller and more portable camera. Sony right now owns a good portion of that market and consumers love it not just because of performance of their cameras, but also the after-sale services (repair centers depending on your place :P). If you’re an outdoors type of person, i suggest getting the a7 since the a7r has a slower autofocus. Try to check http://www.dpreview.com as well, they have side by side comparisons of cameras

    • I like centered layouts, since they, well you know center things. Still everything is a matter of personal choice so just go with whatever works for you. Yes, content is king! While a lot of views usually come from new posts a good deal also come from old content. Also keeping a stream going does help in making people come back.

      I read the reviews but can’t really make my mind, I guess next thing is to read up on the lenses I could choose from with all these cameras I like.

    • Nah, if I were to quite I would actually just come out and say it. “Sorry guys, I’m quitting the end!” Or something, I dunno.

      Yay, HamsterCorp seal of approval!

  3. Welcome back! Glad to hear things are going well and you’re blogging again. Also, nice design, it’s clean and simple. And thank you for mobile responsiveness!

    If you can’t afford the a7 atm but eventually want to, getting a step down like the a6000 or a5000 and building your lens hoard there is an idea. That way you can just upgrade later and already have all the lenses you want. Or if you like your LX7, you can give the GX7 a look. There’s a 60mm macro lens for the m4/3 system for only $500 that I might get for myself someday.

    • It’s good to be back! Since like a good deal of folks do come visit on mobile devices including myself I figured I should provide a mobile site.

      I can most certainly afford the a7 or a7r either through savings or credit, it’s just that a few grand is hard to swallow. I wonder if building up my lenses like that would be good since they would end up being used in crop mode on the a7. May be I should just stop being infatuated and buy something else like the GX& or Fuji or Olympus considerably cheaper offerings.

  4. ??????!

    Really liking the new layout, love the clean and simple look (plus I love the orange!).

    Personally for cameras I would prefer a DSLR over a mirrorless at the moment. You can get an low-mid level DSLR kit for around 5-600 USD these days. Plus generally you have more of a selection when it comes to lenses and accessories, although I imagine as mirrorless cameras are getting more popular there will be more lenses and accessories for them. Of course DSLRs are more bulky than mirrorless, but I guess it just depends on what your priorities are.

    • Orange is the best color in the world so it makes everything better!

      I do own a DSLR, I always planned to upgrade to another, may be go something a bit more pricy to increase my lense selection. In the end though, I want something smaller, something I can carry more easily than a DSLR but I don’t want to be stuck to just one lens. This lands me right smack in the domain of micro 4/3rds and picture quality wise they are more than capable for my needs. I just don’t know still, all I know I just don’t want anything big or bulky and while I can get tiny DSLRs like the the D3300 I do want it to feel like an upgrade which leads me to regular sized DSLRs.

      Ah whatever, I should just use my tiny Lumix LX7 and call it a day or something.