Happy Miku Day!

Hello, how ya guys doing today?

Did you guys enjoy your Miku day this year?

Since I just so happened to have a free day and was taking figure pictures already, I just decided to snap some pictures of the super lovely 2013 Racing Miku.

To be honest I’m not really that much into Miku like some people. I like the occasional Vocaloid song whether from Miku herself or the other members of the Vocaloid family. Same thing for the figures, I’m the type of person that rolls their eyes at the umpteenth recolor of nendo Miku rather than squeal in delight.

However, every once in while you get a variety of creators doing interesting things with Miku. They give a unique spin to Miku with their designs, case in point this version of Racing Miku by Shimazaki Mari. This is when I nod my head and feel grateful that Miku’s enduring popularity gives way to such an interesting and varied outlet for people’s creativity.

While I’m not a super fan I’m glad I can take easy and enjoy the silly Miku stuff like Miku day every now and then.

Hope you had a fun Miku day too!


  1. pfffff Miku day, this chick doesn’t even has an anime ;p

    Well, I don’t dislike her at all, it is an especially cute design after all.
    This figma is quite adorable I must say, she is so detailed and lively, they gave wonderful faces.
    awww picture 13048313413 is really good. She appears quite tall in the pictures.

    I’m still waiting for the day to see a busty Miku figure/figma whatever

    • Look at this guy, getting all full of himself just because Sonico has an anime now.

      Indeed, when I saw the design for the 2013 Racing Miku last year I was all over it. She looks so cute, I just love that crown of hers! Thinking about it, Racing Miku is a perfect example of my interest in Miku. I loved the 2011 version, the 2012 did absolutely nothing for me and then came back around for the 2013. It’s all a case by case basis.

      Not sure about her height, seems to be around the typical figma height? Guess those high heels are working and making her legs look nice slim and along?

      Too bad for you though, Miku is the one character I seen get a smaller bust as she grows older.

    • I had no idea, must investigate the matter further. Possibly easier now with an english language copy.

  2. I’ll hafta admit, I’m a pretty big fan of Miku but maybe not enough to throw parties on Miku day. It’s great that her character is so versatile though, she has various ages and personalities that each figure and song feels so different than the others. Zeroing in on Racing Miku though, I still regret a tiny bit not getting the 2011 ver figma but I made sure not to pass up on the 2013 version and she is lovely like in your photos. The lack of faceplates is a bit disappointing and the open mouth one is hard to work with but no regrets.

    • Miku is cool so many different ways to portray her in a variety of mediums, thinking about it might be that that is what I like rather than Miku herself.

      I regretted not getting the 2011 version as well, when GSC did a release of her last year you didn’t have to ask me twice to pre-order her. I never noticed she only came with two expressions, I thought it would be more. I wonder if she is compatible with 2011’s, I should go check. Nevertheless, a wonderful figure for both figma and Miku fans.

  3. Happy Miku day! It definitely seems like Miku has exploded in popularity over the last few years, although I’m not into listening to vocaloid as much as some of the hardcore fans might be. I guess I’m more interested in looking at the fan art / figures as I like her design (the turquoise twintails are hard not to love!) Like you said it’s cool to see how the original character has spawned so many unique variations, I enjoy it when people get really creative with giving their own spin on her character design.

    • She sure has, hard to believe she hasn’t actually been around for all that much time.

      I tend to listen to the occasional song every now and then, which works out for me and keeps Miku fresh so to speak. Miku sure has a unique design, easily recognizable allowing people to put their spin on her, no one nowadays is gonna miss those twintails or that color scheme of hers.