Project Snap_Fig

Hello, fellow internet figure loving denizens, how are you doing today?

Today I wanna do a quick shout out to this lovely project by the fellows at Sakura Doujin.

They want to publish a photo book, but not just any ol’ boring photo book, a figure photo book. However, that is not all, aside from putting a lot of pretty pictures within the pages of the photo book they have another goal in mind:

They want to give a peek into the process behind creating those beautiful figure photos. Camera settings, lighting set ups, behind the scenes pictures, descriptions from the photographers, everything you need to know how a picture was taken.

I like the idea as it shows everyone how all you need is a little photography knowhow and creativity to be able take amazing figure photos. I have already submitted my pictures and so have several others. There is still a bit of time until the submission deadline, so head on over to Sakura Doujin’s Project Snap_Fig page to read up on the details of the project, submission guidelines and see a mockup of the pages in the book.


  1. Oh my the deadline, I read about it on Google +(how I loathe this interface).
    Anyway I also like the idea behind the book, they also said, that I should take a look at the page.
    I might get something done till then, otherwise I might send one of the more recent things.
    Wahh, nude Sonico can’t take part X<

    • I wanted to take new pictures and what not but I ended preoccupied with other things so I just submitted old popular pictures. Sonico is ok, as long as she keeps her modesty towel right? I look forward to see the pictures from other figure photographers, good to see the book will have lots of familiar names.

  2. Oh wow, that is awesome! I want to participate! The project is such a great tribute to figure photographers! I’m sure a lot of them are just out there, and I’d like to see what they could bring! :D