Work space upgrade! A new mouse pad crawling into my desk!

Nyarko Mouse Pad

Hello guys!

Today I wanna give you a quick look at my current work space at home.

Last winter I moved out into my own place so it gave me a chance to have a clean start with a lot of things, one of which was my desk. One of the biggest problems I had at home was lack of space. I collect figures as you all know but I am also and avid gamer and have hundreds of games in my collection and along with the dozens and dozens of figures made things a bit crowded.

That’s one the reasons I never bought anime merchandise. It’s not that I didn’t like memorabilia from the shows that I watched, it’s not that I didn’t like having posters in my wall I just didn’t have the space.

Now though, I have all the space in the world.

Nyarko Mouse Pad

With that said, I figured I would start with something actually practical.

Before, I had a glass desk that has now been replaced with a normal wooden desk. I was afraid the paint would start to strip away from my use of the mouse so I decided I would buy a mouse pad to prevent it.  What better start to buy some anime merchandise than to get one of the staples of otakudom, the boob mouse pad.

I had been mildly interested before but never found one that I liked enough. When I saw Nyarko though, I knew this was the one, this would be my mouse pad. After a couple of months of waiting for its release I finally have it in my possession.

I gotta say I am impressed, it is soft yet firm, it provides the perfect amount cushion… it actually does remind me a lot of real breasts… just a bit less warm.


  1. I still want to try one of those out sometime, with all the positive testimonials they have, but I can never be bothered enough to go out of my way to order one, assuming I could even find a character I wanted. Maybe I’ll try to find one at Otakon, if I can remember to do so.

    That last line of yours…no, I’ll refrain, it’s too obvious.

    • That was my biggest problem, the characters that got mouse pads really didn’t appeal to me all that much and the ones that did where so flat that it would just end up being a regular mouse pad.

      I hope you find one you like, I’m curious as to which character you would end up choosing.

  2. I completely love your monitors’ silver stand, may I ask what’s the model number. I need to get a new one anyway… and is that a 3DS charging dock i see?! Those things are somewhat hard to find in this part of the continent.

    Lol I’d buy an oppai pad, especially since my wrist is developing carpal tunnels, but I dont think that excuse would work on people who visit my place hahahaha.

    • I have this monitor from Asus, which is 23″ there is also a 27″ variant if you prefer a bigger screen. The 3DS charging dock is the one that came with it, no idea if you can get that separately.

      Buy it, it will make for an interesting conversational topic.

  3. Quite a good work area Miette! I really like the stand of the monitors too.

    Now what you need is a third monitor to complete the environment. (I have three and it’s really useful to have even more screen space *nods*)

    • One of the reasons I bought the monitor is how cool and stylish they look, that along with nice color reproduction for editing photos and great viewing angles sure made it a good investment.

      Three monitors you say? Oh god, now that is overkill, I have no idea what I could do with that many screens.

  4. Hehe this is something you can buy when living on your own.
    I once saw such a mouse pad with Kobato presenting her buttocks, I liked it,
    but I could never explain it, I guess a boob mousepad is a little less questionable.
    I always wondered if these “hills” would get in the way while playing Games?

    Nyarko is a good girl, stupid Mahiro didn’t realize his lucky situation.

    These are some elegant screens from Asus, totally good looking.
    Why have I bought the LG with it’s crappy stand XD

    • Nah, I seen plenty of people with one that still live with their parents or whatever. Besides, considering the figures you bought lately, something like this should be pretty tame anyways.

      I remember that mouse pad, I found it amusing, but butts are not my think even though I really like Kobato. I guess with loli characters you can’t really do their chest.

      Nyarko is not only a good girl but the best girl from the Lovecraft mythos.

      I like my monitors, they do look pretty spiffy and have nice colors for all that photo editing my main reason for buying them.

  5. So tidy! One of the things I miss about having a desktop is how little wires you need on the desk. With a laptop, there’s just no getting away from the bajillions of wires everywhere unless I spend a fortune on some fancy dock or Apple’s crazy expensive monitor. Also, I’ve been using a Logitech mouse on the plain wood of my black Ikea table for years and don’t see any paint chipping at all! The PTFE feet on the mice are pretty decent.

    • Oh yes so much, when I had a laptop between peripherals and the monitors it was a mess. One of the reasons I chose this desk was that it has neat cable management bits built in.

      I’m probably being paranoid as nothing really happened during the three months or so of use without the mouse pad… but hey, gives me an excuse to buy a boob mouse pad.

  6. Nice dual monitor setup!! Clean and organized :D Asus monitors are great for price/quality. I just bought a small one a couple months ago.

    btw great site! – bookmarked! :D

    lolz @ Tian – Such good a great system but so few games I mostly play DOA5+

    • Thanks, I really love these monitors they are really nice.

      Thanks for the bookmark, I hope you enjoy your future visits.

  7. Oh website is back up!
    (sorry if im late with that, last time I remember you guys were working on the design)

    Moving on! Nice set up although Can I ask what you use the other screen for?
    Ive been actually thinking of trying to do the same but dont know what for ^^

    Needs move figures, I see a space next to the speakers on the lest :P

    • I’m sure back to blogging!

      I use it to increase my productivity by 20%! Or so I was told at a previous job if I wanted a second monitor. I mostly used for things that require two different windows, moving files for instance. It’s also nice for coding as I can have code in one monitor and reference material in another. Another use I do is have a video playing in one while I do something on other, kinda like having the TV on in the background. You can always get a second monitor and try it out, return it or sell if you don’t feel you gain anything.

      I’ve been leaving at this new place for about five months and I have yet to unpack my figures, I really should get on with it.