Alter Takamachi Nanoha Swimsuit ver. – Lolis in bikinis are a staple of summer!

Alter Nanoha Swimsuti ver.

Sup guys and gals! How are the hot summer days treating you all?

Everybody enjoying their summer breaks or the hot daily grind at work? Thanks to the opportunity given by the 4th of July holiday I was able to spend some time with my family at the pool and take a nice cool break from work.

Given that I have my priorities straight, I took the opportunity to snap some photos of the always delicious loli Takamachi Nanoha Swimsuit ver. by Alter by the poolside.

Alter Nanoha Swimsuti ver.
Don’t you guys love your swimsuit figures? The staple of figure collecting, everyone from the high rollers like Good Smile Company and Alter to prize figures from Sega and Banpresto just loves to get their hands on the swimsuit figure pie.

Perhaps it is their readily availability but it seems to me people tend to look down on them a bit. A perfect example of that would be when I mentioned that I bought this figure on sale on Twitter. I was all happy that I paid less than half the original retail price, yet someone mentioned that it was just a swimsuit figure. Almost as if just by being a swimsuit figure that made it be worth less.

Alter Nanoha Swimsuti ver.

That got me wondering, a swimsuit figure it might be but I don’t believe that necessarily translates to them being easier to manufacture or sculpt. All the steps should be the same regardless of figure or company. It’s usually how much manufacturers are willing to spend on things like quality control and attention to detail that makes a difference in my opinion.

What about you guys, what are your thoughts on the prolific category of swimsuit figures?

Alter Nanoha Swimsuti ver.

That aside, I’m a big Nanoha fanboy especially in her loli form, I really, really like her “blood knight” tendencies which seems to have mellowed out a bit as she grew older. I miss the days when Nanoha would go “befriending” people left and right. Hopefully that third original movie has more of that.

Alter Nanoha Swimsuti ver.

My love for loli Nanoha is probably as a result of the big impact A’s, the second season, made on me when I watched it all in one day. So good!!! I’m so happy the second movie just turned everything about that season up to eleven especially when you compare the fights.

Amazing how much an animation studio can level up in about a decade!

Alter Nanoha Swimsuti ver.

After watching the second movie I was reminded how much I enjoy Nanoha and how much I love her character. Luckily for me it seems figure manufacturers also remembered how much people liked the franchise so they released a few figures to match up. This presented me with a nice opportunity to pick more Nanoha figures.

Around the same time both Gift and Alter released what is essentially the same figure with just a few scales of difference in between. For the sake of my own amusement I ended opting for Gift’s version, the idea of a giant 1/4th loli figure in a swimsuit sounded really silly and fun.

Alter Nanoha Swimsuti ver.

However, as time went on the proportions of that figure kept bothering more and more and became a bit disinterested in it. The more I looked at it the more I keep thinking that Nanoha’s head is too big in proportion to the rest of her body.

Alter Nanoha Swimsuti ver.

Fast forward to a very opportunistic sale by good ol’ Hobby Link Japan and I ended acquiring Alter’s version for about 3500 yen or so. AmiAmi also had her for a sale for a couple hundred yen more but I ended up missing out on that. I’m guessing this Nanoha by Alter wasn’t all that popular?

That’s ok with me though, thanks to that I get to own both my giant loli and the smaller version.

Alter Nanoha Swimsuti ver.

This is my second Nanoha in a swimsuit by way of Alter, a couple of years ago I got to take photos of the super sexy Nanoha Summer Holiday ver. I like adult Nanoha, amazing at how she ended up filling up in all the right places. Plus at her current official age she just happens to be the right age for me. ;D

With a pretty adult Nanoha wearing a very nice and attractive swimsuit already in my possession I thought that getting a cute loli Nanoha wearing a lovely swimsuit from Alter would make a for a nice complement.

Alter Nanoha Swimsuti ver.

Cute and lovely she is indeed. Just look at her! I like the pose that was chosen for the figure, Nanoha looks like she is having tons of fun frolicking about. Makes me a bit jealous, since I am fair skinned I just burn if I go to the pool or beach. Also, don’t forget… people don’t float…

Alter Nanoha Swimsuti ver.

One aspect that I find interesting is the color of her swimsuit, pink with red accents. I’m so used to seeing Nanoha in her signature colors of blue, white and pink that I found this very odd. Perhaps the color scheme is harking to Nanoha’s blood thirsty “White Devil” persona? Nah, probably not.

Regardless the swimsuit looks the part with its nice shade of pink and the red frills, nothing too outrageous or out of the norm. Aside from being a two piece showing a lot of skin perfect for a nice young girl like Nanoha.

Alter Nanoha Swimsuti ver.

Speaking of showing a lot of delicious loli soft looking skin Alter did their part to make sure that was as appealing as possible. Just look at that smooth tummy, kinda makes me want to play with it like in that one scene from Hentai Ouji.

Alter Nanoha Swimsuti ver.

If you continue down you can see Nanoha’s supple thighs, they are so slim and appealing. Plus knowing how plump and soft they will become when she is older just makes it all that greater.

Alter Nanoha Swimsuti ver.

Once you go around the around Nanoha you can see her nice sexy back, Alter added just enough detail to make out her shoulder blades and show the curve of her body adding that bit of realism that makes figures pop.

Alter Nanoha Swimsuti ver.

As you make your way down you of course encounter Nanoha’s irresistible tushie along with some nice plumpness from a nice bit of baby fat. The frills on the swimsuit bottoms help accentuated Nanoha’s hips nicely. I do wonder though, what goes through the sculptor’s head when they go about spending hours and hours working on areas like these.

Alter Nanoha Swimsuti ver.

Lastly you can’t forget the number one aspect of a loli, her delicious flat chest. Alter of course with all their figure making prowess made sure it is delicious indeed. The frills on Nanoha’s swimsuit top help to a nice bit of volume and detail.

Alter Nanoha Swimsuti ver.

Alter Nanoha Swimsuti ver.

One detail I liked about this swimsuit top was the nice bow tying it in place at Nanoha’s neck. Usually things like this tend to look a bit rough due to their size, the same thing goes for Raising Heart she looks pretty good for the small size.

Alter Nanoha Swimsuti ver.

An interesting tidbit about this figure has to be the floating ring that comes with Nanoha. Typically accessories like these tend to merely look the part and if you touch them they are merely pieces of plastic as one would expect. Not this time said Alter, the ring is actually made of a nice soft rubber, if you push it with a bit of force it flexes, really giving it that extra sense of realism to it.

Alter Nanoha Swimsuti ver.

Although it does feel a lot denser I suppose due to being filled with rubber rather than air. The floating ring does a good job of keeping in place as it has a few groves matching Nanohas’s accessories on her left wrist to help it keep in place and not roll about.

Accessories that stay in place are great if you ask me, especially if you take the figure outdoors like I did.

Alter Nanoha Swimsuti ver.

I like this rendition of Nanoha quite a bit. I think it looks well and gives a nice pleasant energetic vibe. Together with Alter’s adult version I think I am set as far as having figures of Nanoha in a swimsuit.

Plus with this photo shoot of Nanoha I finally got to do something I always wanted, take some photos by the pool side of a swimsuit figure. Although I do admit they are quite simple but I do like them quite a bit. It’s nice not having to worry about making props or setting up lighting.

Alter Nanoha Swimsuti ver.

Well then peeps, I hope you enjoy what’s left of summer. I’m sure I will, if it’s not too hot anyways otherwise the indoor world of AC is enough for me. :P

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  1. I don’t mind swimsuit figures. I have two, as it is…and a bunch of others that are pretty close. Though, I do think I’d only want so many of them. I think with swimsuits, the focus on the figure moves to the sculpt of the body itself with the swimsuit secondary. I tend to prefer interesting and complicated clothing, so I can find swimsuits boring since there doesn’t tend to be much to them and if the sculpt and pose of the rest of the figure is uninteresting. But then, I also don’t have any “good” swimsuit figures, just a Beach Queen and a prize figure, so maybe I just need to find one I like, if I can.

    What goes through a sculptor’s head when focusing on those parts? Probably something like

    Think that second to last pic, with the sun reflecting, is the best one. Was it a cloudy day?

    • You know, that is my one problem with swimsuit figures, a major culprit being Wave. Girls in swimsuits? Yeah I like them. Girls just kinda standing there? Not so much. I find that a bit boring but when it’s something more interesting like this Nanoha or Biri Biri Beach Queens in a nice energetic pose? Yeah, that’s cool.

      Although I must say, while I don’t think Beach Queens are bad they don’t compare to figures like these where the sculptor spend way more time than necessary on things like Nanoha’s lovely squishy butt. I do like seeing the big fancy figure makers spend a lot of time on things like that.

      I gotta say, good job sculptor person on making a perfect 9 year old butt in figure form!

      The day was a partially cloudy sky with a slight breeze moving the clouds about. Which explains the varying lighting conditions.

  2. I do have to admit I am one of those people who look down on swimsuit figures a little (and even lingerie figures). I do have a few but like Hamster said, they have to have killer body sculpts (like and I tend to prefer figures with elaborate costumes or wielding giant weapons but a really good body sculpt is nice too.

    I like that second to last photo too. The bokeh sparkles look cool.

    • Tsk, tsk, those two examples makes me think you like certain other things lol. One aspect that I do like about both those figures is the attention that goes into anatomy as stylized as it might be, I do wish more swimsuit figures would try that angle.

      Glad you like the bokeh, I kinda wish now I had tried to get more photos with it.

  3. That stupid time killing Wonfes post……. Well, I also love little Nanoha more, she has such a great, gentle personality, she’s also really brave and also knows when words won’t be enough to solve the situation. Liking a loli character often appears a little off at a certain age, on the good side I feel creeped out by her nude transformation sequence, don’t stare at my Nanoha *lol*

    I’m really impressed by these outdoor shots, the light isn’t too bright and the figure is always in the sharp focus.
    I’m picky when it comes to figures from my favorite characters, I don’t have that many Nanoha figures because of that.
    The face of this one is really beautiful beautiful with her cheerful smile and sparkling eyes. Her bikini is a bit crazy, though, i would make her mother sad. Well, I guess it’s no surprise that she is supposed to look a little sexy as swimsuit girl, here she is presenting her booty.

    I like swimsuit figures when the amount of revealed skin shows detailed body sculpting, the curvier the better.

    • If I were to write a Wonfes post it would take me forever, so much goodness this time around me for me!

      Loli Nanoha is the best Nanoha, Nanoha style befriending is also the best befriending. Funny you say that, when I watched the second movie I was on a drive back during a vacation with people sitting next to me. When Nanoha and Fate’s transformation appeared on screen I gotta say I felt a bit uncomfortable with people next to me.

      I’m really impressed with how nice the photos looked as well. Sometimes it feels outdoor shooting is pretty hit or miss for me, doesn’t help you can’t really check until you come back indoors.

      Hmm… I have a handful of Nanoha figures the majority from Alter. Yet as much as I like her, I don’t really take photos of my Nanoha figures for some reason. I’m glad I actually went out and took photos of this one. Her cheerful expression, so full of energy and fun. I do agree that no way would I let a 9 year old girl wear something that skimpy but good thing Nanoha is a fictional girl eh?

      Oh it seems everybody is all pervy with the swimsuit figures that they like. Interestingly enough, my favorite figure is a swimsuit figures with very nice curves so I do suppose I understand that.

  4. I enjoy looking at the pictures, it feels really summer and it seems Nanoha is enjoying a really nice weather. She looks adorable with that swim suit, her expression is charmingly sweet and innocent. I wish I have another figure in swim suit so I can take pictures like this.

    Great use of water to make it seem real. Awesome set! ^_^

    • Glad to hear you like the photos!

      Yes, Nanoha is so sweet and cute, I love her so much. This figure is the perfect example of that.

      Getting this figure in time for the summer months couldn’t have been better.

    • They sure do, almost regret not actually getting in. Since people don’t float I think that was for the best.

  5. I’m more of a Fate-fan than Nanoha, but this figure looks really good nonetheless. Love how you decided to make the reds more saturated, it really makes the pic look like Nanoha is basking under the glow of the sun. You know, I swear manufacutrers should label their swimsuit figures with stuff like “waterproof” so I can be more assured of spraying my figures with water during shoots. I still have to find a decent atomizer so the droplets wont be big too D8

    • Whah! You are one of “those” people, white devil all the way. Anyways, pretty happy with how this set of photos came out, it was worth trying it out.

      In theory as long as your water contains no solvents it should be ok, come to think of it I should check on mine. Didn’t think to rinse it after I was done in the pool. So far I only seen GSC mention water with their undersea Miku of theirs.