Makoto Quickie

Makoto Snow

I always wanted to take a photo of Makoto in the snow.

Makoto is one of my grail figures, I was so overjoyed when I finally acquired her.

I immediately wanted to take photos of her in the snow, alas I do not live in area snowy enough. Thus I was happy getting some unusual snow during the last gasps of winter and took this photo. I want to take a photo of Makoto when snow is actually falling but for now I think my itch has been scratched a little until the day I am able to.



  1. I love Makoto! my favorite character in Kanon. Perfect Setting with the snow although I do think she would be absolutely freezing with what she is wearing haha.

    • Well, sir, you good taste in Kanon girls!

      Now that I think about it, none of the girls were really dressed for winter all that much. At least Ayu wore a proper coat.

  2. So you just got her recently? For sure she is lovely thing one of the first figures I saw or maybe she isn’t that old.
    It’s a nice picture, for a different perspective you should either throw yourself or the tripod into the snow to be on eye level.
    I don’t go out for photography when it’s cold, it’s not like here is snow anyway ;D

    • I had Makoto for a long time now but never taken photos of her. No snow = no Makoto photos!

      Just snapping this photo was a test to my endurance, I don’t think I could go and do a full featured photo shoot in the cold.