Alter’s Nishikino Maki Swimsuit Ver.

Maki is best girl!

Swimsuit Maki

Hi peeps! How have you guys been? I hope everything is all good on your end!

As for me? I have been spending some quality time with a lovely school idol, Alter’s Nishikino Maki Swimsuit Ver.

Swimsuit Maki

These past few weeks I have been all into Love Love! Last week I received the blu ray’s released by NISA and I ended up rewatching the whole first season again. Then… I rewatched the first seven episodes again looking to get a friend to become a fan… and succeeded, yay!

He is an Umi guy apparently!!!

Swimsuit Maki

I originally watched the first season along with the second season last summer. Although, I always felt a bit guilty and wanted to rewatch the series at some point. When I first watched them I had them playing on my second monitor while I grinded away in Final Fantasy 14, I wasn’t giving the show my full attention per se.

At the very least the show did make grinding for my second set of Atmas a lot more bearable…

When originally watching Love Live! I always had this nagging feeling, something about the characters really bothered me. It wasn’t until much later after noticing how finely crafted their archetypes seemed to be, how they were made to appeal to the audience, that I finally understood what was bothering me. I was thinking too much about it.

Swimsuit Maki

I was focusing too much on thinking about why this show was so popular and their characters so loved to spawn the rather large following in a fairly short amount of time. I was looking too closely at the components rather than enjoying the show as a whole.

That is probably why this second time around I found it much more enjoyable.

Swimsuit Maki

I ended liking all the girls unlike on my first watch, heck I’m going for a complete figma set now! The songs seemed a lot nicer than before and I ended getting the albums. I’m almost willing to go watch the movie on its premier next week on a work night.

Although I might skip it since I would end up going alone, I don’t like going to watch a movie alone.

Swimsuit Maki

Since lately I have been into Love Live! I found this the perfect chance to motivate myself to take some figure photos. After all, I had the perfect pick at hand with the recent Maki from the good ol’ folks from Alter.

It’s been a while since I sat down to do a proper indoor photo shoot, the last one was around late January. I think of this photo shoot as a warm up of sorts. Something to get back into the groove, to refamiliarize myself with using indoor lighting and try to get into building up a simple set up.

Overall, I’m mostly happy with the photos I took. I’m thinking may be I should have gone a little less bright, go with something a bit more moody. Well, there is always the next swimsuit figure, there sure are a lot of those around.

Swimsuit Maki

It’s been a long time since I gotten an Alter figure, the last one was the always delicious loli Nanoha swimsuit ver. and Alter does not disappoint, Maki definitely turned out pretty much perfect.

Swimsuit Maki

Alter did a perfect job with the swimsuit, I love all the frills and ribbons, gives Maki that fluffy and sparkly idol feel. Plus it shows off her body quite nicely. :D

Swimsuit Maki

I mean, just look that delicious bellybutton, I think swimsuit figures make me have a belly button fetish. ;P

Swimsuit Maki

Even more so at those nice long legs that go on forever and ever!

Swimsuit Maki

I’m always amazed at the small details figure manufactures manage to include in their figures. Things like the painted toe nails or Maki’s necklace always blow me away. They might not look all that small in photos but in person they are tiny!

Swimsuit Maki

My favorite part though, is Maki’s smile! Maki being quite tsun tsun in the show doesn’t really smile naturally all that much. I always loved seeing the scenes where she would crack a smile. I hope I get to see a sparkly smiling Maki in the movie when I get to watch it.

Swimsuit Maki

Super happy with this rendition of Maki from Alter. I have skipped on Kotori and passed on Nico in favor of Good Smile Company’s. I do look forward to see what the rest of the Alter girls will look like.

One last thing, Maki is best girl and if you claim another member is best girl you are obviously wrong. Unless it’s Nico, I like her even if she is trash. ;D

By the way, made a Facebook page since all the cool kids are doing it.

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  1. Oh a cute red head, good job on the face ALTER. The smile makes her a bit ojou sama like.
    Maki is not my favorite, actually, but she beieves in Santa, obviously she must be a good girl ;D
    The figure looks great, her bikini is damn pretty, only noticed the necklace today , cool detail

    Since 2014 I have a questionable preference for swimsuit figures, they always give me tropical beach feeling and I can’t wait to recreate such a photoshoot scenario, so I love your setup with Maki. Man these mini clams are a wonderful addition.
    Your pictures look great, I wouldn’t think you had that longer break.

    • Just painted the blog red! Gotta go with a nice girl whose image color is red!

      Well, Maki is a bit like an ojousama, just look at all those vacation houses she has! Maki is a good girl, Santa has never missed her house any year!

      I was thinking may be I should have gone with a more tropical beach feel, use a nice sunset sun. That’s alright, still got a couple of swimsuit figures I have yet to take photos of laying around. I’m quite surprised actually that not only found the seashells but that they were the right scale for Maki.

      Thank you for your kind words, I was actually feeling a bit embarrassed uploading these photos. All I done this year so far have been quick snap at my desk with natural lighting so I wasn’t sure if I still “got it”.

    • Yup, Maki is super nice. Alter does such nice job with their swimsuit figures. You should have caved in!

      I will make an effort, now that I actually did a post I really feel like jumping back on the routine.