Hoshii Miki, Kisaragi Chihaya and Shijou Takane Yukata ver.

An idol threesome is pretty nice!

Yukata 765 Pro

Hey peeps! Hows are the cooling days treating you?

I decided to have one last reminder of summer with a nice look at my favorite 765 Pro trio. FREEing provided the perfect set of figures for me with their Chihaya, Miki and Takane from the nice classic The IDOLM@STER.

Nothing like pretty idols in yukatas to remind you of summer.

765 Pro Yukata

I’m not one to usually buy complete sets of scaled figures. Price is definitely the major factor for my decision not to. This is followed by the characters themselves, very rarely do I feel attachment to all the characters in a set that I find it I would like to get them all. The last reason is the typically large gaps between releases.

It was quite unexpected for me when all three those fell to the wayside… mostly anyways.

The average price that I paid for each of the girls was around 7500 yen. Still pricey indeed but definitely a far cry from the typical 10,000 + yen prices that are becoming increasingly common.

If you ask who are my top three favorite girls from 765 Pro you are looking at them right now.

Amazingly enough all three were released in about a month, I find that nothing short of miraculous when it comes to figure releases period.

Essentially, the stars just aligned for me when it came for these beautiful set of figures.

Yukata Miki

Let’s start off with Miki, I talked a bit about her last time when I showed off my super nice prize figure of her. To recap, Miki is the best idol, the idol of idols!

This rendition of Miki is just so super nice to look at, I just can’t but help feeling re-energized when I do so. This definitely Miki when she is on her “on” mode.

Yukata Miki

I am just so in love with her nice dynamic pose, I can just picture her calling  out to her “Honey” as she excitedly runs off.

Out of the three girls Miki is definitely the one with the most energy and excitement.

Yukata Miki

The yukata shows off her a different shade than her typical signature color but looks really well. The accents of yellow from her obi, bag and geta go well with her overall theme.

Yukata Miki

The flower patterns on her bring that nice girlish charm as does the flower adorning her hair giving a nice contrast.

Yukata Miki

I’m quite pleased as a Miki fan with this rendition of her. My only complaint is that her base is a tad too small, as Miki is leaning forward her center of gravity causes her to topple easily. In fact while taking photos she went face first to my desk a few times, I’m super glad nothing really happened to her.

Other than that, I’m happy I added my second Miki figure to my collection.

Yukata Chihaya

On the other end of the spectrum on several fronts we have the stoic Chihaya. Oh boy, don’t you all love Chihaya?

I just love her depiction as the best singer in universe, this is one of those rare occasions where I just find the casting perfect. I mean , have you guys heard Isami Amai singing Arcadia? It’s just sooooo darn good.

Yukata Chihaya

I also like her sense of humor, I always found the contrast of her fairly serious persona and when she breaks up laughing over the silliest of things. Like that one time with the box and Haruka.

My favorite thing about her is how she is damaged goods thanks having “murdered” her little brother. All the delicious drama that resulted from that, the amazing recovery together with the rest of the 765 Pro girls, if there was one overarching storyline to pursue in the anime that was the best pick!

Yukata Chihaya

Chihaya’s slim profile definitely works well with a yukata, the line of her body is very lovely to look at.

Yukata Chihaya

The pattern with the fish and the ripples are just nothing short of beautiful. The splashes of red with the flowers and ribbon just compliment her colors.

Yukata Chihaya

Her ponytail has a nice swaying motion and showcases the sexiest part in a woman, the beautiful delicate nape. That is one of the reasons ponytails increase a girl’s cuteness after all!

Yukata Chihaya

While serious, broken on the inside Chihaya is nice and all, seeing this depiction having fun is pretty nice too.

Yukata Takane

However, the idol that looks best in a yukata is without a doubt is Takane. You can tell she comes from the Old Capital, the elegance of her posture, the way she carries herself just sets her apart.

Yukata Takane

While her image is definitely one of elegance I always found it very amusing with how eccentric she can be at times. I can’t help but find it charming when she expresses joys at the simplest of things or her love of food. I suppose when you are from the moon even small things are a new experience.

Yukata Takane

The darker color scheme of her yukata really highlights her more mature charm when compared to the other girls. The flowers once again accentuate the yukata with the moon as a nice focal point. A shame FREEing ended up changing the design slightly and removing the clouds covering part of the moon.

Yukata Takane

Her flowing long wavy hair looks very alluring, I’m glad FREEing did not end up putting some horrible seam lines along the hair.

Yukata Takane

The umbrella looks fairly nice but I think it missed the paper texture and sadly looks like just a piece of plastic. A bit of a shame, could have really been a nice plus on the figure.

Yukata Takane

I can forgive that though, just looking at Takane’s demure smile makes me all ready to fall in love whenever I set my eyes on her.


A few years back I saw a couple of their works, they were a bit rough here and there but fast forward to today and I got almost no complaints. My first experience was pretty good,  for my second first hand experience with FREEing I’m not disappointed by their work. Over all I think the three girls look excellent!

I would have been happy with just any one of them but that I would get the chance to get such a nice set like this with all my three favorites makes me nothing short ecstatic.

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  1. Those are some nice looking pictures. Good night effect.

    I never got into original Idolmaster, so the only one of those three that are any interesting to me is Takane, looks the best of the three to me.

    • Good to hear, I actually ended up redoing the lighting twice, I think it was worth the effort to redo it.

      Takane is a good choice, her day in the light episode in the anime is probably my favorite of the bunch.

  2. haha you really used that “threesome” line.
    In my humble opinion Miki looks perfectly here, everything from top to toe, she’s beautiful and lively.
    reminds me that I liked Miki in more episodes than I was actually cursing her soul XD
    Takane has a beautiful pattern on her dress, the umbrella is just too fitting.
    I can’t recognize Chihaya with tied up hair and her yukata should have a different color.
    Lol, I would take care of such cute damaged goods, nevertheless ^^

    I will check the other figures of this line now…

    I put the new idolmaster show on hold after some eps, is it worth to continue?
    strangely I totally liked the tiny Idol on first sight XD

    • Well, there are three of them and I did spend some quality time with them…

      Miki looks pretty nice, I really like her. Although I do feel I didn’t do her justice since I had a hard time photographing her. Takane just looks so good in japanese clothing, out of the three in this set she is my favorite for sure. I think Chihaya with a lighting color would have worked out nicely as well, perhaps the darker blue is a bit too close to her hair color.

      So far aside from these three I have only liked Rin in this line. If they are the same quality as these three I think any other figure in the line is worth it.

      I liked it, I liked it a lot. Made an Uzuki fan! The first few episodes focusing on Mio being whiny dragged it down a bit but after that I found it to be smooth sailing. This goes double for when Ranko for her featured episode!

  3. Ooooh nice pics of the 765 girls! The girls’ kimonos really look amazing (especially Takane). I’m really more of a Miki fan, but Takane’s figure here really looks on the spot and she looks extra classy given her mysterious aura. GREAT SHOTS btw!

    • My thoughts exactly, Miki might be the best but Takane just looks so perfect. It’s like yukatas were made for her to wear.

      Great to hear you like them, it was worth putting the effort.