Aquamarine’s Akatsuki

If you mention panties you will be kicked!


Sup guys! How are things treating you in the new year?

For me it’s the typical case of, I can’t believe is going so fast! January just went by in flash before I knew it. That’s exactly how I ended up breaking my nice string of monthly posts that I had started. I suppose that is alright since this post is a disruption anyways.

As you can see this time we are taking a look at the cute and tough Akatsuki from the novels and anime Log Horizon from Aquamarine.


Akatsuki was the last scaled figure that I received during last year, quite a nice year for me in terms of releases. Even though she was the last, she takes the title as the most memorable figure of the year for me.

Out of all the characters I could think would be getting a figure, out of all the shows I could think, not once did Akatsuki or Log Horizon cross my mind. When the only surprises I get nowadays are the higher and higher prices for figures, Akatsuki was a breath of fresh air.

I’m hoping this year will full of surprises like this!


Since I received Akatsuki I got thinking about Log Horizon, specifically about the author, Mamare Touno. Last year he ran into some trouble with the Japanese government due to some unpaid taxes. Usually from what I’ve seen when Japanese creators get into trouble it spells doom and gloom for their works. As far as I know he paid his owed taxes and apologized to his fans for the whole ordeal.

I’m hoping that this didn’t cause any issues his publishing arrangements, I would really like a conclusion to Log Horizon after all!


I mean, I have become hooked after having watched the two seasons of the anime and quickly became my favorite “trapped in a game” show. I was actually quite late to the party when it comes to Log Horizon and watched the first season quite a bit after it aired.

At the time I was quite burned out on the concept of players become mysteriously trapped in an MMO.


Having just watched SAO and being terribly disappointed by its second half I was not in the mood to try another show with a similar premise. The latest show from .hack was a bit of a miss with me being mostly about nothing with characters I didn’t care about.

I always liked the concept though, I did enjoy playing through the seven .hack games on the PS2 after all.


Luckily for me, I attended a local anime screening gathering where they happened to show a few of the early episodes of Log Horizon. I became hooked on what I watched.

When I got home I desperately needed to know what Shiroe was planning. I needed to know how selling burgers was part of his master plan for Akiba or else I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night!


So I started the show properly from the beginning and blew through it in a few days. I couldn’t wait for the recently announced second season at the time after I was done watching it. The second season continued to deliver for me, I was a fan.

I should have suspected as much given I had liked another work by Mamare Touno, Maoyuu Maou Yuusha.


Out of all the shows that follow this premise I have enjoyed Log Horizon the most. One of the reasons is how this time around the world of Elder Tale, the MMO that Shiroe and the rest are trapped in, actually feels like a game.


In other shows, like SAO for example, aside from token references to concepts like logging out, hp bars, quests, etc it all really just felt to me more akin to a fantasy show. The way things like skills and such were handled was essentially just the same as using a named attacked in something like a shounen show.

Log Horizon on the other hand? Stats and skills work like one would expect in MMOs, concepts like aggro management, good party composition, and skill cool downs to name a few play a key role in battles.


My favorite aspect that is explored is the relationship between the players and the now sentient NPCs, the People of the Land.

The very idea of the rules we take for granted when interacting with a game affecting the overall plot is quite engrossing to me. Specially when it leads to characters such as the quirky Princess Lenessia or the ever amusing interactions she has with several of the other characters.


Indeed, while I love the way the setting is handled, it is the characters that make me stay and got me hooked. It’s probably easy to tell what I will say next, out of all of those characters Akatsuki is my favorite. That’s why when I saw this figure I took a gamble and tried Aquamarine for the first time even when I think their prices a tad bit too high.

Did that gamble pay off? Well, I would say yes, it paid off quite well for me.


Aquamarine’s rendition of Akatsuki is spot on. At a glance you can tell it’s her, those deep purple eyes, her subdued smiled that reflects her personality perfectly!

The locks of her hair match her rather distinct style from the show with no problems.


My favorite part of this figure is definitely Akatsuki’s hair and in particular, her long ponytail.

I have always loved how in the show it was used to display motion so well. In my eyes it gave Akatsuki a unique sense of smooth movement, something I found perfect for her class and skill set in the game.


The overall sculpture is great, no particular rough spots on the figure itself. Same goes for the painting, everything looks quite nice with no blemishes to be seen with the naked eye.

Details such as shading are done well and small touches like Akatsuki’s blush were pulled off with no issue.


If I have one complaint with the painting it would fall on her weapons. The shade and texture they used for her sword and kunai doesn’t give me illusion of a metal blade. When compared to other figures I own I think Aquamarine could have done a bit better.


That however, is something I can easily overlook and forgive though because the one thing I truly hate about this figure is her kunai.

The kuani are two separate pieces and are held together by a small shallow peg on the handle. This made it nearly impossible to insert them in Akatsuki’s hand as the action of trying to do so would cause the two kunai to separate. The peg is just not enough to hold them together when applying force.

It was so frustrating to me that I resorted to gluing the two together.


In the end though, I’m very pleased by the work Aquamarine has put out with Akatsuki. I won’t hesitate to buy more figures from them in the future if the right character at the right price shows up.

Overall a quite pleasant and positive first experience!

Until next time, peace!


  1. That is some skillful soft shading there, I’m actually truly amazed when inspecting her hair, shirt and trousers.
    Her clothes look very appealing and the ninja color palette is also another very good aspect.

    I never watched a single episode of log horizon, it didn’t strike my interest, I wasn’t curious as it was announced.

    Nevertheless Akatsuki is very cute character, I like her petite appearance and expressive face.
    Thank you for your impression on Aquamarine, I will take them into consideration from now.
    Once I was like giving every manufacturer a chance, but I actually focus on only certain ones nowadays.

    • Sure is nice to look at, I wasn’t expecting much but once I started taking photos and looking closely I became more and more impressed! Much like you I would back in the day I would have given Aquamarine a chance earlier but nowadays I hesitate a lot more to try a new company given the higher and higher price for admission. Given the right character I might jump in much like I did here.

      Akatsuki is nice and fun character, I think you would like her character if you were to watch Log Horizon. You should give the show a go, if nothing else it has one of the nicest opening songs I ever heard. So darn catching with that database!

  2. Akatsuki is my darling of Log Horizon! Still havent seen season 2 as I heard it wasnt as good as season 1.
    Anyway Nice photos as always and good get! Details are there and I like how they emphaised on the blushing on the cheeks which shows just how cute she can be.

    Weird about the Kunai i thought it would have been attached to it already. good thing you managed to put them together but still :/ I would scream as with my big fingers would be terrified in trying not to break anything.

    Apart from the lack of paint details here and there I just want to say that it is a shame that they couldnt make her pose a bit more dynamic given she is a ninja, assassin. It just feels a bit…less hmph//.. lol

    I think your photos make the figure better than it is if im honest haha!

    • Akatsuki is definitely a darling, that’s for sure. I found the second season to lack focus, while it dealt with some nice themes over all it was mostly separate small stories rather than continuing the main plot. When it did come back to that, the show abruptly came to an end. I hope a third continues on since things left on a very interesting note.

      Those kunai, were a pain and sure wish it was just part of the figure rather than a separate piece. I spent way more time that I should have getting those in place. Apart from that, I’m super happy with it. I do agree a nicer pose would have been nice but considering how unlikely it was for this figure to get made I can let it slide.

      Thanks for your compliments, I was quite satisfied with how these photos turned out, I’m glad you liked them!

  3. Ah man, another figure I regret not getting. Though you’ve definitely done her justice with the shots you’ve done with her! I really do love the soft lit background you chose for this photoshoot. I figured she’d be worth the money but she was just too much with what I had at the time.

    The show really is quite remarkable. I found it great for a few of the same reasons that you did. It was also VERY well thought out throughout the show. Season 2 didn’t feel as though it had the same magic the first season did, however it was still worth the time.

    Great job again! I look forward to the next post~

    • Is she worth the money? I would say yes, if you are an Akatsuki fan, otherwise I find it a bit overpriced. That aside, yes, very nice figure, well made too, like I mentioned in the post very nice first impression form Aquamarine. If you got cash to spare and find her for a nice price I would say pick her up.

      I really share your sentiments about the second season, it was still nice just not as nice as the first. It did leave at a nice spot so if there is ever a third season I feel it would pick up the slack quite a bit.

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