Good Smile Company – Yazawa Nico Picnic Girl

I found a bit of trash during my picnic!


Sup guys! We are now well into spring aren’t we?

The trees and flowers are blooming, the grass is a vibrant green, beautiful blue skies. Perfect time to spend some time outdoors with the No. 1 Idol in the Universe with the aptly themed Yazawa Nico Picnic Girl version from Good Smile Company.

Are you guys ready?

Nico-Nico-Ni! Nico-Nico-Ni your heart! Yazawa Nico will put a smile on your face!


Uwaahh…. no matter how many times I read or hear that phrase I still find it kinda gross. It’s okay if you are gross every now and then Nico, I still like you!

Nico’s grossness aside, it’s been some time since I gotten a Love Live scaled figure. I’ve been trying to hold back a bit and painfully skipped on Alter’s Eli and their upcoming Nozomi, doubly hard after having a first hand experience on how nice Alter Love Live figures are with their very lovely Maki. Maki was so nice in fact that she singlehandedly got me back into taking photos and a writing posts again.


After Maki I was looking forward to seeing the other girls. I was quite pleased with Eli and that figure showing all her nice charms. Nozomi in her stage outfit just looks dazzling. I was a looking forward to Nico only to be tad disappointed, while I think the figure itself is amazing I not a big fan of her Christmas looking outfit.

Quite luckily for my wallet I was able to pass on up on Alter’s renditions. However, then came Good Smile Company prancing along with their energetic rendition of Nico, I couldn’t say no this time and thus I bled more money for the sake of idols.


Nico came at a great time to cheer me up though. After all, only a month ago u’s split up after the conclusion of the Last Live. An event I sadly couldn’t attend even though I had a lottery ticket from the movie. Heck, who am I kidding knowing my luck with Japanese lotteries I wouldn’t have won anyways.

Alas, I will need to wait for the eventual blu rays of the event to enjoy it.


The thought that I won’t be able enjoy the antics of u’s both in anime and real life saddens me bit. It all feels a bit foreign for me, the idea that u’s would disband with the different actresses moving on. While I understand that they probably don’t want to be known only for their work with the Love Live franchise why not do both?


When I compare them to Idolm@ster which has been going strong for more than a decade now all the different members of the various groups seems to be doing fine with their individual works coming together for new Im@s media and live performances.

I probably shouldn’t mind too much, after all I’m sure they will probably make cameos on Love Live! Sunshine!! whenever that airs. Plus they gotta do a reunion tour at some point right? Surely they won’t pass up on a collaboration show with Aquors either!


Until such things occur I will continue my enjoyment through the world of figures such as this very lovely Nico. Good Smile Company sure has delivered on that front with their very much bouncy and bubbly version.


Nico lives up to her namesake and delivers a shining, vibrant smile. I like smiling girls and this is definitely one of my favorites just a bit under someone who tries her best all the time. Although this makes me cynically think it’s just Nico doing her usual doubled faced antics…

It’s ok, that’s one of her charming points!


Nico’s slim petite charm get’s shown up quite nicely with her legs! I mean she is nowhere near Eli’s shapely long legs but not bad at all in my opinion. Good Smile Company really did pull some magic to make Nico’s legs look so long and pretty.


However, that doesn’t compare to how delicious her tushie looks. Just the way Nico is pushing out her hips makes is very alluring doesn’t it?

Although this Picnic Girl version is a simple figure Good Smile Company did not skimp on the craftsmanship. Details such as Nico’s sunglasses are well done, the glossy texture allows them to reflect the surroundings definitely giving it that realistic look and feel.


Although even that doesn’t compare to Nico’s tummy that looks as flat and smooth as her chest. Once again looking at such a charming navel makes me wanna play with it just like in that one show with a stony cat.


My favorite aspect of the figure is her pose. Just by looking at the figure I hear Nico’s voice in my head and hear her well known catch phrase and feel my heart warm up… and then kinda feel grossed out like usual.

The amount of energy captured in this pose is just amazing. The flow of the twintails and the individual strands, the way her jacket and blouse flutter in the wind all done with exquisite attention to detail adding to that illusion of movement.


I’m really liking the work Good Smile Company has done with Nico, I have no complains about the figure itself. The sculpting, the paint work, the likeness, everything just perfect.

The one very slight negative comment I have would be her base that has Nico’s name written on it. It comes in a font color lacking any contrast against the background and makes it nearly impossible to see properly much less photograph it.


I sure hope to see the other girls get this treatment as well,  after all Nico was not the only girl fans would love to go on a picnic with. More figures to show everyone’s favorite idol and more of her Nico-nii~ Nico Nico Smile would also be very welcomed by me!


In fact, I already got the Birthday version on order and can’t wait to receive it. Alas, if only I was made of money I would have ordered the whole set along with Nico! While this release has horrible timing for me I also got my eyes on Freeing’s version, surely the typical delays can make things work out right?

I might be sad about the girls parting but it sure looks like figures are gonna fill that void.


I hope these photos have sent a Nico Nico Smile to everyone’s hearts as they sure have done with me while I took them.

Until next time, Nico Nico Nii~


  1. Nico nico nii~

    I don’t mind u’s ending, it fits the narrative and the whole point of u’s to begin with (at least, in-story). Although I still need to watch the movie.

    I don’t know how I still don’t have any Love Live scale figures, with there being so many really nice ones. Fine to save the money and space, I guess.

    • The movie almost feels like it was made to drive that point home. It’s like making doubly sure everyone get’s it both in universe and out that yes, u’s is ending but Love Live continues.

      There is plenty of Love Live figures to chose from, all equally expensive, I can see why someone would pass on them. That’s pretty much why I have done so with the Alter versions.

  2. Haha, you found trash in the park :D Well…I skip any GSC bashing here.

    The Nico figure looks wonderful , such a radiant smile (perfectly faked or not) (´ ??).???

    She is such a nice petite girl without looking like a loli character, but what I like about Nico next to her physical appearance, is her strong confidence in herself and that she has a very distinctive personality and that she is a little devil. Unlike other high school girls, she is not pure, nice and friendly all the time.

    The lively posing amplifies her bright smile and everything about her is so cute, I really like how they painted her eyes.
    Also a nice combination of summer clothes, the shirt puts focus on her sweet and modest chest ???????
    … and that belly is to die for, just the right amount of softness (??+?*)

    I love the pictures, I love the dof. You did a great job here ?(???)?

    You will see, I will show you how pretty “christmas” Nico can be!
    … soon hopefully

    • I did my good civic duty and picked up the trash after I was done and took it home for proper care.

      As far as I’m concerned this is the definitive Nico figure, none of the past Nico figures up until now comes close to how ridiculously nice this is. Alter has their work cut for them with their version because no one else will probably come close.

      I completely agree with you, you can tell Nico is just a petite young lady rather than just a kid good job on GSC with that part. I find that all nine girls have fairly strong personalities but it sures that Nico has the strongest impact. Whether you hate her or like her she is usually the one most associated with Love Live from what I’ve seen or at least it feels that way to me.

      You are just describing all the things I like about this figure all over again and I agree with all of them 100%! I just kinda wanna touch that belly so badly the more I look at Nico.

      Some days I wake up and think: Oh boy! I have been taking photos for eight years now? May be I kinda know what I’m doing. The day I took these photos must have been one of those. :D

      You better give it your best, it’s gonna be hard to pay attention to other Nicos after this figure. ;D

  3. Nice shots! I like the sense of movement for her pose, as well as the short shorts. I see that she’s doing the Spider-Man web shooting motion… I wonder if that’s an idol thing?

    • Yeah, those shorts are pretty great, I was surprised Nico with her petite build pulls them off so nicely! Bro, that hand gesture is essentially an idol staple!

  4. I don’t exactly watch love live till the end rather gave up on it, not my kind of anime ahaha won;t comment on anime part ^^
    This figure have Such youthful looks (also quite fair skin revealed :P ) Nico looks really great the only think i don’t like is the mouth, teeth is fine it’s rather the lip part

    • Yeah, the anime is not for everyone, I actually didn’t like it all that much at first and didn’t really until subsequent watchings. The figures on the other hand? They are very lovely such as this Nico. I was actually quite happy her smile looks as nice as it does, I have seen figures were it’s just not pulled nicely and looks kinda bad.