Otagamers #2

It's all because of that one cosplay photo really!


Nico is great, she is my favorite! A shame Max Factory had to save the bestest for last making the wait so lengthy though. That said, Nico is so worth it, most awesome Love Live figma ever!

If you are wondering about why this is #2 or which cosplay photo.


    • I was worried a bit they would be too small when I bought them but Nico is a midget so she actually had to stand a box to be able to peek out. I think the trash can worked out in the end and all is well.

  1. With her pink jacket she looks so innocent and actually like a good nutured girl ??
    …what she not really is haha, but anyway it’s a cute figma with expressive faces.
    technically I can’t unsee the shoulder pads, they should have made them longer and more flexible

    Maki should be in the trash instead, like I noticed again, she is quite the delinquent XD

    • I don’t know what I was expecting for Nico but it was most certainly not what I got when I watched the show. You know after a few dozen figmas and nearly a decade of them their joints kinda became invisible to me.