About Exilehero

 Hey what’s up? Sit tight, I’m gonna tell you a little about myself.


I’m exilehero, one of the authors. I don’t really consider myself a gamer or geek or otaku or something like that, but I can tell you that I love video games, anime, manga, cute girls and stuff like that. I am Miette-chan’s friend from quite some time now. We’re not childhood friends or anything but sometimes it feels like I’ve known him from way too long.  The avatar I use for now is on the left. It’s Yukari Yakumo from Touhou in case you didn’t know.


When I was in high school I was in the photography club and I enjoyed that very much. I used an analog SLR camera back then. You know with film and dark rooms and chemicals and all that jazz. But of course that was expensive as hell, so I stopped taking photos after I graduated high school and lost access to a convenient photo lab. I got a digicam after that but it just wasn’t the same. I had no real control over the camera and that deterred me from taking many photos.

Fast foward a couple years later and I find myself with enough money to buy myself one of dem fancy one and zeros DSLRs. Now I’m happy and all with it but I just couldn’t find the motivation to take pictures. There’s only so many photos of brown walls (I live in a desert) that you can take before becoming bored. So I look at my friend Miette-chan, he takes lots of pictures right? So I say to myself, “hey maybe I can do what he does”. But I promptly shut myself down, because that would be copying, and I’m too cool of a dude to go around copying other people. In reality I just wasn’t sure I would like collecting figures.

I still needed a subject so I thought to myself, “Ok I’ll take pictures of what I like, I like anime right? hmm…”. So after a couple of failed photo shoots of my computer screen (not really) I decided that taking photos of 3d representations of cute girls would probably be better. Now I’m no stranger to figure collecting in general. I’ve read up on it and heard from friends about it for a couple years now. However I never considered actually owning figures, apart from a Yotsuba I got for my birthday once, that is. But this combined a lot of the things I liked into one, and the influx of new figures gives me many new subjects to photograph, that is, as many as I can by stretching my paycheck.

So now that I have a subject and a camera, what the hell do I do with the photos? I could just take them and share them with friends, but my narcissism wouldn’t allow that. Now my friend Miette-chan has this fancy web log thingie I’ve been hearing about so much. So I go talk to him about how I want to start taking pictures again but don’t know what to do with them. So he says, “You can just post them on my blog”. Now that wasn’t my original intention but hey that works out perfectly. So I say “OK, I’ll try this figure business out”. So here I am.


I’ll buy and take pictures of any figure I find interesting. It will probably mostly be characters I like. I’m not a fan of buying a figure of characters I know nothing about. I also just try having fun while taking photos. So I don’t see myself taking pictures on white backgrounds for the purpose of reviews. I’ll just try to make it as fun as possible for both me and the readers.


Miette and I alternate posting every Sunday. Though that’s not all that strict, depends on what’s going on.