About Miette-chan


Let me tell you a bit about myself alright?


I am Miette-chan, for those that wonder about where that name came from “miette” is French for crumb. I chose this name as I wanted a single nickname to use both online and in games. I went for something feminine sounding as I tend to choose female characters most of the time.

I enjoy watching anime, reading manga and the like.

I equally enjoy playing video games of all genres and have no obvious preference to any console or handheld.


This is my blog Otagamers, the title comes from the words “Otaku” and “Gamer”, pretty simple right.

What you will find here is a variety of posts that will include:

  • Scaled figures I buy.
  • Photo stories with my figmas and other articulated figures.
  • Photos about my Dollfie Nanoha.
  • Talk about games I play.


I became increasingly interested in pvc figures in particular with figmas.

When my friend went to Japan and brought me my first figma Yuki, it opened the world of figure photography for me.

I love playing all types of video games and have been doing so practically all my life.

My desire to share these two worlds plus my interest in user generated content led me to create this blog.


Once a month for full figure photo shoots with sporadic smaller posts in between.


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