• Delays, delays, planning…and some crying…

    Just as the title says, there were some delays. In specific the one that causes me the most despair is the delay of Alter’s Nanoha Exceed mode until late January as listed by Ami Ami. T_T…I’m been waiting so long to get her on my hands ever since I saw the unpainted prototype at a hobby show.

    However, now because Nanoha along with several other figures being delayed past December it gives me more breathing room instead of having everything released in one month.

  • October Loot

    103_4693 (Small)

    Today I finally got my belated October loot. As you can see my summer uniform version Kagamin came in along with Aigis and the awesome Otacool book.

    More about Otacool in a later post, if you have about 1500 yen to spare I recommend you pick it up.

  • Alter’s Nanoha T_T

    T_T…so sad I was looking forward to getting Alter’s Exceed Mode Nanoha later this month, but alas she was delayed. I was expecting it though, I was really doubting Alter would release both Nanoha and Fate on the same month. At the very least, October wont be as expensive now, December on the other hand…hmm… nothing really […]

  • Randomness

    Well, just as the title suggests this are a bunch of random pictures I took for one reason or another. Quite a few where for articles that I never got around to write. Instead I decided to dump them all here in this post. It’s better than them gathering digital dust in my hard drive for sure. So, lets begin I will give you a short description about these pictures.

  • My “first”…

    Before there was small brigade of figmas and scaled pvc figures in my room. Before I learned of Danny Choo, before I knew the “cartoons” I watched where anime and came from Japan. There was one passion I had, video games, in particular JRPGs, likewise I had no idea there was such a surprising difference between western and Japanese RPGs.