• quesQ Yukari Yakumo – the Border Between Posts and No Posts

    If there’s a touhou that comes close to being my favorite it’s probably Yukari, she’s in my avatar and all. Yukari is from the 7th Touhou game, Perfect Cherry Blossom.

    Her main power, and what makes her famous, is her ability to manipulate borders, also called gaps. The most convention use of her power is just to use those gaps as portals, so she’s often seen zipping in and out of scenes in the most improbable ways. However the border manipulation also extends to abstract concepts, like the bordered between life and death, or maybe the border betwe-

  • Tera – Lighthearted Review

    Hello everyone. To keep the quota of game posts, living up to the latter half of the blog’s name, and to share a bit of what I’ve been up to lately, I’m going to do a little review of the MMO Tera. I’ve seen a lot of talk about the game and everyone seems to ask ”is Tera any good?” but what I haven’t seen is someone actually talk about playing it or answer that question. I’ve played it and in short, it’s good.

  • Madobe Nanami

    I’m sure some have heard of the lovely Madobe Nanami, MS’s official Windows 7  OS tan voiced by Mizuki Nana. I can across this link on 4chan. You can find both torrent and direct downloads for the theme pack as well as some information of Nanami and Nana. The pack includes Windows system sounds that get replaced […]

  • Saya’s Song

    Saya's Song

    I haven’t really played any visual novels from start to finish. I started playing one that was an eroge last year but never finished. I started playing Chaos Head but stopped because of a game crashing, save file killing bug that has been fixed now. However, I finally got to play another lovely Nitro Plus visual novel that completely caught my interest; Saya no Uta or Saya’s song.